December 2018

Build Bigger Loads to Save on Shipping Costs

If you are sharing a 20-mile drive to your job with 5 of your colleagues, your expenses per pound to deliver the “shipment” is significantly lower than in the event that every individual drove in different automobiles. Gas usage will be lower, wear and tear on the automobiles will be reduced as well as travel...
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Tips for Getting the Most from Your 3PL

Increasing sophistication of freight management as well as technology-driven logistics has organizations of any size looking towards 3PLs to enable them to generate productivity, cost benefits, as well as visibility within their supply chains. A productive partnership with a 3PL is dependent on selecting the best service provider and developing a relationship. Below are a...
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Signs You Need a New Transportation Management Platform

Regardless if you are an experienced company with a flourishing business or perhaps a new organization attempting to traverse a complicated transportation industry, your ability to succeed relies upon the transportation management system (TMS) you employ. Thus, the question is – how well is your present system serving you? Operating a company which provides outstanding...
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