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Moving can be a stressful experience from the very beginning. When people decide to move, the first thing they do is find the right national van line company that can take care of many of their worries. For a van line that wants to provide exceptional service, earn their clients’ trust, and build long-term relationships – establishing the best possible logistics process is necessary. When it comes to choosing the right third-party logistics (3PL) provider, there are many options available to you, making your decision more difficult.

When deciding on a 3PL provider to team up with, there are some key factors that you should consider. But before the moving day arrives, let’s take a look at why people decide to hire a van line and trust it to handle their move.

Why Do Movers Choose Van Lines?

When choosing whom to entrust with the transportation and storage of their home or corporate belongings, you should know that teaming up with professional movers comes with a few benefits. A van line service provider is there to make the whole experience stress-free. Every move is unique, but in reality, movers usually face similar issues. A van line is a moving company that has dealt with almost every type of challenge you can imagine, and their professionals know what you’re going through and how to find the best solution for your unique needs.

To be profitable, a North American van line must operate with minimal wasted time and resources, regardless of whether we’re talking about local or long distance moves. That’s why van lines need to rely on quality logistics providers to be able to approach their work with an attitude of efficiency. And since they have been doing this work for years, van lines have developed a systematic approach – no moving company can pack, load, move, unload, and unpack goods as efficiently as a national van line.

Van lines are also responsible for providing a well-maintained, clean, and safe moving truck, as well as cartons, padding, wrapping, dollies, lifts, and any other equipment necessary for safe transport.

When it comes to reputation, professional movers and cross country moving agents are advised to research and hire a van line with a good reputation. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) can help you with this research on great van line agents. One of the benefits of outsourcing transport and warehousing to a local mover is that it dramatically improves a van line’s overall efficiency, which leads to a more reliable brand and better reputation. It’s simple – provide the best customer experience, and your van line company’s reputation for reliability will grow. As a result, people will want to hire you and spend more money based on your reputation.

Moving Tips for Choosing the Right Van Line Logistics Provider

At some point, every company needs help with logistics, regardless of the industry within which it operates. Some 3PLs aren’t always reliable and may even deceive you into signing a contract then fail to deliver. Let’s take a look at what qualities an excellent third-party logistics company should possess.

  • Fitting Your Needs

When hiring a 3PL provider, move managers should find the one with the most experience working with van lines. Many 3PL providers specialize in logistics for certain types of transport – international or domestic moving, cross country moving, or specialized transportation (such as climate-controlled loads, flatbed loads, van line transport, white glove services, etc.). Your evaluation should include performance, processes, and people because, unlike many other commodities, specialized transportation is often high-value, unique, and critical to your operation.

Before asking for moving quotes, you should find out which one is an expert in national van line logistics. If your shipments are large, you will need to look for logistics providers with better storage facilities, warehouses, and other assets in areas where you wish to ship. They should also be able to address your needs for any specific mode of transportation you require.

Never compromise quality with the affordability of service – low-cost 3PLs usually offer less visibility and aren’t always reliable. On the other hand, don’t agree to pay sky-high prices but try to strike a good balance between the price and the services offered. 

  • Logistics capabilities

Go through each service area listed in a 3PL’s catalog or website in order to check for coverage of each supply chain company. If they have knowledge about your unique moving needs and connections in your target area, you will get efficient transportation and faster service. Since you are transporting heavy loads, confirm the freights’ maximum load capacity and whether there are any extra costs for transporting heavy loads.

  • Safety and Protection

When it comes to choosing the perfect third-party logistics provider, be it for either long distance or local moves, the safety and protection of the cargo are paramount. They need to include insurance that covers theft and damage of the cargo, even if caused by a third party. Do your own background check of the insurer and check the insurance-related documentation to find out more about the insurance company (how reliable it is, whether it really pays out, and how long it takes for the cover to take place). Be sure to read the terms and conditions, as well as the fine print, before you sign.

Furthermore, you should check if the logistics provider has goods-in-transit insurance as well as GPS trackers and other technology that improves shipment tracking and efficiency. The 3PL should also be registered with the Trucks Association.

  • Technology

The best logistics providers are the most sophisticated ones, all thanks to advanced technology. Nowadays, every aspect of fulfillment depends on the technology, meaning that your third-party logistics partner should have enterprise-level technology that enables them to streamline the entire process.

  • Customer Service

How does a 3PL transport company treat its customers? Making sure that a 3PL is customer-centric is one of the keys to choosing a reputable logistics partner. For example, a transport company that responds swiftly to their customers’ inquiries will help you understand how fast your cargo-related issues will be resolved. But if there is no proper communication from the beginning, you’ll most likely face issues in the future. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how affordable a transport company may seem because if it compromises on customer service, you’ll probably face larger financial problems in the future.

  • Live Tracking and Real-Time Data

Another valuable factor in your van line logistics is having live shipment tracking technology and real-time data for your cargo. It would be best if you went for a 3PL provider that can let you know where your van line cargo is at any given moment, while providing an accurate estimation of its arrival. This feature is important for determining whether there will be any unavoidable delays in transportation.


Picking the right van line logistics provider is a challenging task, regardless of the moving estimate and moving quotes they give you. But with these points, you will be able to make the best use of your moving resources. Controlling the cross country moving cost and saving time is always good for any business. If you are on the lookout for a 3PL provider to support your van line business and supply chain management, feel free to contact Redbird Logistic Services today!

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