Redbird LogisticS Services

Redbird Logistics Services provides 3rd party logistics and supply chain management solutions to virtually any market and industry.

Award winning supply chain technology and teams to support any complex logistics scenario with complete asset visibility.  No matter what the mode, Redbird Logistics Services will meet your cost requirements and exceed your service expectations.

Excellence in

Logistic Services

Our experience in meeting the exact demands of customers enable us to provide the highest standard of service, together which a degree of personal attention and flexibility.




Why Us?

Customer service and building strong relationships are at the heart of our approach.

25 000 + Shipping Customers

34 000 + Carriers

600 Locations Across North America

$1B+ 3rd Party Logistics Revenue

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What Is Supply Chain Management In Healthcare?

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Healthcare Supply Chain Management In 2020

Healthcare Supply Chain Management In 2020

In healthcare, the supply chain stretches from the components and materials used by device manufacturers and the basic chemicals bought by pharmaceutical manufacturers to the patient. Depending on where you stand on that continuum, the healthcare supply chain has...

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