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Redbird Logistics Services provides 3rd party logistics and supply chain management solutions to virtually any market and industry.

Award winning supply chain technology and teams to support any complex logistics scenario with complete asset visibility.  No matter what the mode, Redbird Logistics Services will meet your cost requirements and exceed your service expectations.

Excellence in

Logistic Services

Our experience in meeting the exact demands of customers enable us to provide the highest standard of service, together which a degree of personal attention and flexibility.




Why Us?

Customer service and building strong relationships are at the heart of our approach.

25 000 + Shipping Customers

34 000 + Carriers

600 Locations Across North America

$1B+ 3rd Party Logistics Revenue

Latest Blog Posts

How to Improve Reverse Logistics

How to Improve Reverse Logistics

Many companies find reverse logistics to be a challenging task, mostly because their supply chain solutions weren’t designed to welcome products back in but only to send them out the door. With the rise of eCommerce, customers gained access to the global market....

How Do Warehouses Help with Reverse Logistics

How Do Warehouses Help with Reverse Logistics

There is a common misconception that reverse logistics management is an unprofitable and expensive process. Many people perceive returned products as waste goods, but with an optimized and streamlined reverse logistics operation, businesses can reclaim value from...

What is Reverse Logistics

What is Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics involves moving products back from customers and reworking products and materials to create another product that can be sold. In other words, it’s about moving products backward through a company’s supply chain network. This process has become an...

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