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Regardless if you are an experienced company with a flourishing business or perhaps a new organization attempting to traverse a complicated transportation industry, your ability to succeed relies upon the transportation management system (TMS) you employ. Thus, the question is – how well is your present system serving you?

Operating a company which provides outstanding customer service and competitive service is no simple undertaking. There are many moving components happening behind the curtain which require your focus. Like the majority of legacy systems, a TMS of the past isn’t likely to soar you into the future. If you’d like to construct a dependable, trusted and successful organization, you must have solid and modern logistics management systems solutions which sustain both your day-to-day functions as well as long-term organization objectives.

If you are perusing this article, it is safe to speculate there is a problem with the TMS platform you are utilizing currently – or you are less than satisfied with it. And if you are uncertain, listed below are 3 warning signs which means that it is undoubtedly time that you should begin searching for a fresh solution:

  1. You are wasting a lot of time doing work in different platforms. The systems you utilize to handle your inventory and shipping should not be mutually exclusive. There just is not sufficient time in the day in order to devote signing in and out of separate platforms to keep track of inventory levels, track shipments, generating pricing, manage claims, keep an eye on activity as well as support invoicing. To be productive, these types of functions should be automated as well as handled via a single interface. A substantial freight technology platform permits you to effortlessly take care of the important points and requirements of your clients.
  2. Data-driven observations are challenging. You should not have to make significant company decisions according to your intuition. Top TMS suppliers provide real-time dashboards as well as reports, coupled with real time maps and statistics, providing you with the ability to convert information into action. Utilizing this type of data at your fingertips, you are able to reduce transport expenses, improve fill-rates, and rapidly react to adjustments in client needs every time they occur.
  3. The solution does not scale to your organization demands. Your company may very well be modest currently, but what could it look like in 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? You require a technology solution which scales to your company requirements. There are plenty of transportation management and logistics providers in existence who supply fast, low-cost options. But they’re actually just placing a band-aid on your present issues. If innovation indicates anything, those options will not be capable of supplying you with the agility you require to conform to evolving marketplace dynamics, expand with your company requirements, contend with market disruption or sustain new innovations. You should locate a transportation technology supplier with rich niche experience and a solid understanding around the future of the freight business to advance your organization ahead.

So now you see the technology hurdles which are getting in the path of your ability to succeed, however are you aware of a few of the partnerships you can make to invest in the long-term potential associated with your organization? In the event you genuinely wish to strengthen your company, you should consider partnering with a company which is dedicated to developing your freight business together with you.

Make it a goal to benefit from a TMS solution that can genuinely push your freight progress and organizational success!

Redbird Logistics can help manage some or all of your supply chain and logistics needs, providing the latest transportation technology platform and real-time tracking & visibility every step of the way.  Contact Redbird today!


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