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Third-party logistics is a vital consideration in different types of businesses that need to outsource all or some of their logistics processes (such as transportation, delivery, and storage needs). A strong-performing 3PL provider and storage company can help your logistics teams improve customer service, control costs, and increase the efficiency of van line operations.

Today, the nature of the moving industry is highly developed. That means it is often more efficient and cost-effective to find and hire an expert third-party logistics provider than to build your own network from scratch. Regardless of whether your van line business needs a partner that can help meet your logistics needs or one that can simply supplement your current capabilities, working with a reputable and established logistics company means quick access to established workflows and resources.

3PL Can Help Your Van Line Business Grow

Whether you want to expand your operations, add on to your warehouse, or acquire more power units – a good 3PL or national moving company is more than just a collaborator. It becomes your partner, working together to help you exceed your customers’ delivery expectations (in spite of constant changes in capabilities, aptness, and shipment volumes). For example, if a van line agent is doing business with a 3PL provider, they can expect long-distance moving and more volume in warehousing. Logistics providers specialized in van line logistics are the ones that excel in origin and destination services. Maintaining a strong partnership is key to overall superior service. 

  • Added capabilities and opportunities

With a third-party logistics company partnership, comes the opportunity to provide dependable service and competitive pricing for American van lines (as well as LTL, freight shipping, dry-van truckload, corporate relocation, moving storage, long-distance moving and last-mile white glove moving services). You will be able to quote new clients on non-traditional van line business, as well as additional revenue opportunities with existing customers. Van line logistics services are also an excellent way to even out the seasonal fluctuations.

  • Warehouse and storage services

Warehouse services is probably the most immediate opportunity brought to you by a 3PL. Van line logistics providers usually have many warehousing options available across the continent. That is an area where your logistics provider’s network of warehouses and existing third-party relationships come together to provide an excellent resource for your customers. Along with providing international storage-in-transit options and an advanced shipment tracking system for shipments stored in their network, your 3PL partner will offer useful, relevant, and flexible options for housing any type of cargo.

  • Padded van transportation

Van line logistics providers can offer you padded-van transportation if you regularly ship fragile, high-value products. Thanks to a unique approach to protecting the cargo, they are focused on keeping shipments safe, even if they don’t fit well into crates.

  • Technology and scalability

With the right technology provided by your 3PL, you will be able to optimize your freight shipping service and drive down costs. Utilizing technology provides access to a database of carriers, automates processes, and recognizes any problems early on before they grow into more serious concerns.

As for scalability, one of the benefits of teaming up with a logistics partner is access to infrastructure that’s scalable according to your business needs. As your operations evolve and grow, your logistics company can scale with you in the long run by being able to respond to your changing needs. For example, if you are experiencing rapid growth or anticipate a busy period, you can expand your shipping and distribution capabilities without having to invest in facilities, equipment, or labor.

  • Area of expertise

It often happens that van line companies use multiple 3PL companies at the same time to cater to their shipping and other logistics needs. That happens because most logistics providers are specialized in a specific transport mode, region, or area of logistics. Are you looking for someone who can ship internationally, or are you focused on the East Coast or Pacific Northwest? Do you have special products to transport or a quick turnaround project to remote locations? Determine your specific needs, then hire a logistics service that’s specialized in supporting your business, and you will gain a partner that is experienced and knowledgeable about the needs of van line businesses.

  • Reliability and service

Every cargo that arrives late or with the wrong kind of truck adds extra work and hours of delay to your employees. Of course, many factors cannot be controlled (e.g. the weather), but once you find the right van line logistics services, they can help you anticipate potential delays and help you develop a plan for any scenario. With good logistics service comes good freight management, and a third-party logistics provider that manages freight appropriately is always thinking ahead.

The best 3PL providers also communicate often and openly. Regardless of the obstacle, your 3PL partner is there to problem-solve alongside you and provide accurate information about what is going on with your delivery. That is a partner that your van line company can rely on to get the job done right.

  • Full-value protection

Van line clients care about their belongings, so one of the reasons why your company should use van line logistics services is insurance coverage on every move. Moving companies are required to include basic valuation at about 60% coverage per pound per item. On the other hand, an FVP (Full-Value Protection) covers your items completely. So, if a 450-pound sofa that’s worth $900 breaks in transit, you won’t be compensated just $270 ($0.60 per pound per item). Rather, you will receive full compensation. If a logistics provider offers an FVP, it shows how much they care about protecting your cargo and your budget.

  • Opportunity to build good relationships

You can buy moving services, but good relationships with professional movers are invaluable. They develop over time with continued proof of great service. When you manage to build a great relationship with a van line logistics provider, you will know their strengths, and they’ll know yours. As soon as a project comes your way, you’ll be able to call them (without spending time looking at other options) and get better solutions since they understand your business.

  • Pricing

Van line logistics service providers are transparent about their service pricing, while moving businesses have made a bad reputation for being somewhat shady about it. For example, some short- and long-distance movers, as well as some cross country movers, will not tell you that carrying things up or down flights of stairs costs extra until they show up on the moving day. With a moving van line logistics service, you will receive a moving estimate upfront, which will allow you to budget properly before the desired move date arrives.


When looking for a logistics partner, van line agents are looking for more than just someone who can get the job done. Moving businesses want someone who can get things done on time, provide unparalleled service, maintain compliance, lower the cost of moving, add value, and have everything ready by the desired move date. The truth is, once you have a team of experienced logistics experts and professional movers behind you, you don’t have to be a logistics expert yourself.

If you’re hiring movers or a third-party logistics company to help you with your moving and storage, feel free to contact Red Bird Logistics today! We are one of the best in the moving industry. Allow us to prove it. 

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